Dewatering Pump Accessories

  • pf01011-03x300


    Puddle Sucker Strainer

    For 3/4 & 1Hp Dewatering Pumps Series: PF01000 & PF01300

  • Handle_x300


    Carrying Handles

    For Dewatering Pump Series:
    PF20000, PF25000, PF27000, PF35000, PF50000, PF55000

  • antisludge strainerx300

    V100000 & V500000,

    Anti-Sludge Strainer For 3/4 to 5 Hp Dewatering Pumps

    Series: PF01000 to  PF01300

    Series: PF20000 to PF50000

  • Dual Float_x300

    Dual Float Control

    NEMA 4, Dual Floats and Pump Controls

    For Dewatering Pumps
    (Replaces NEMA 3R Control)

  • V810834_x300

    NEMA 4 Control Box

    Replaces NEMA 3R Control

    For 3/4 to 50Hp Dewatering Pumps